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When it comes to Hawaiian jewelry, why do clerks in the jewelry department at Costco and so many other Maui jewelry stores often recommend Topaz Goldsmith and Gallery to their customers? The reasons are simple. Topaz is a family owned and operated gallery that offers excellent goldsmithing skills along with first class customer service. (The truth is that many of the employees at other stores are also our customers).

When you want Hawaiian gold jewelry and Hawaiian heirloom bracelets, you'll just have to visit our unique jewelry store located in Dolphin Plaza, down in south Maui, you will quickly feel like you are among friends. The family atmosphere has fostered a warm staff that is a delight to do business with.

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But for those who want a knowledgeable and talented goldsmith, you don't want to miss David Fairclough, along with his wit and charm. Hailing originally from England, he offers what few other jewelry stores and galleries in Hawaii can match: unparalleled craftsmanship and first-class service.

Hawaiian Jewelry: What's Your Romantic Story?

Jewelry so often has sentimental value to it. Just ask any woman about a piece of jewelry that she is wearing and you are very likely to hear some fond memories about where it came from, or who gave it, or what it means to her. You know that there is almost always a story behind any piece of jewelry and this is one reason why Topaz encourages couples to talk about what it is they really want to achieve when they purchase a piece of finely crafted Hawaiian jewelry.

You might not know, but the very first Hawaiian bracelet was not made in Hawaii. It was in fact created in Great Britain, as a gift from Queen Victoria. “Hoomana’o Mau” means ‘A lasting remembrance’.

In 1887 Hawaiian Princess Liliu'okalani (the future queen) traveled to England for Queen Victoria's Silver Jubilee celebration. She received a gold bracelet, with her Hawaiian name engraved on it in black enamel, written in Old English calligraphy. Queen Victoria had all of her jewelry created in black as a sign of mourning for her beloved Prince Albert (who died in 1862).

When the Princess returned to Hawaii, the jewelry was so admired that local goldsmiths began crafting similar bracelets. Those black enamel engraved bracelets, still written in an Old English style of lettering used in England during those days, have now become a symbol of the Hawaiian islands. (If you would like to read more about the story behind the Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry, take a look at the Hawaiian Heirloom Bracelet Story here on our website).

The bracelets were thicker in width so they could withstand the black enamel without melting the gold from the bracelet as well. The thickness of the Hawaiian Heirloom bracelets protects them from bending and disfigurement.

The people of Hawaii love to give gifts, and you'll often see many such bracelets adorning the arms of locals. They are often given with the name on them at graduation, a birthday, or at the birth of a child. Those living in Hawaii have more than gold bracelets, but also rings and an occasional pendants.

You can buy "Hawaiian" gold bracelets on the Internet, but you will never know what you are really getting. The jewelry may note even come from Hawaii. But at Maui Topaz Goldsmith and Gallery you can be assured that you will receive gold bracelets that originated from Hawaii on the island of Maui. Come in to our gallery and take a look at our fine craftsmanship.

Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry & Pictorial Bracelets

Don't miss our section on Hawaiian pictorial bracelets. These heirlooms are perfect for gift giving. We have an entire page showing the work of David Fairclough and Ted Norton. You will want to take a look at some of these bracelets found on our site. Make sure you ask about them when you come into our gallery located in South Kihei.

Hawaiian Gold Ear Pins

We have a wide selection of unique Hawaiian Gold Ear Pins and ear rings. You'll want to take a look at that page to sample many of the unique, custom Hawaiian designs found no where else but in our fine Maui Topaz Gallery.

Wide Selection of Custom Hawaiian Jewelry

Maui Topaz has a wide selection of Custom designed Hawaii jewelry available to you. We also have humpback whale jewelry. We have a broad range of colored diamonds, as well as a thorough assortment of traditional and custom wedding rings. We also have Tahitian black pearls set into many of our Hawaiian jewelry pieces. Make your dreams come true with a custom, one of a kind piece of Hawaiian jewelry.

Come in and visit our unique jewelry store located in Dolphin Plaza in south Maui. You will quickly feel like you are among friends. The family atmosphere has fostered a warm staff that is a delight to do business with. Few other Maui jewelry stores or galleries in Hawaii can match our unparalleled craftsmanship and first-class service.

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