Topaz Repair & Design Studio in Kihei Maui Hawaii.

We like to create a family atmosphere for our Topaz Friends & Family in Maui!

David and Nancy Fairclough have been doing business as Topaz Repair & Design Studio in Maui for 34 years. Long time Maui friends and customers have watched their two children grow up right in the shop. Take a look at the family photos of Nancy, David, Ashley and Heather on this page.

As you can see, everyone has changed so much — except for David Fairclough — who somehow remains the same through each new photo!

Speaking of David, he is a European Trained Master Goldsmith apprenticing from the age of 14 in England. Topaz customers certainly have come to love him. Just pull him out of his little cubicle at the front of the store and he’ll tell you the best places to eat, where to go and great jokes.

Many of David’s exquisite creations fill the store. When you step inside, you’ll notice his touch everywhere, including two impressive paintings by David.

David’s expertise is most evident in the creation of his exquisite, one of a kind designs. His Hawaiian pictorial heirloom jewelry is beyond compare. You can look at those Hawaiian pictorials and heirloom bracelets.

Of course, Nancy Fairclough — as in most family businesses — keeps Topaz Repair & Design Studio running. She is always ready with a smile and her oversight of their gallery is contagious. She is an expert sketch artist and a designer in her own right, and always a ready source of information to help you with what you want.

Nancy puts together the many Topaz Repair & Design Studio newsletters, and now has her own blog, which can be reached at: Topaz Repair & Design Studio Blog.

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