Topaz Repair & Design Studio.

Topaz Repair & Design Studio offers unique, one-of-kind jewelry pieces that will “Wow” your family and friends.

Because Maui Repair & Design Studio has an Goldsmith artisan and Designer on Staff, they are able to create unique jewelry unlike anything available elsewhere.

On this page we will begin to showcase some of their more unique creations. If you see something you like, or if you would like to custom order an exquisite work of art to your own specifications, by all means, please contact us.

David’s finest whale design is called “First Breath”. Now available in medium and large. If you would like to see more humpback whale pendants designed by David, just click on the Humpback Whale Jewelry page.

Take a look at this ammonite, Green Toumaline Pendant with the fret piercing and the artist rendering of a dinosaur in its natural habitat on the back of the pendant. It is truly a unique work of art. (Ammonites were preyed on my mosasaurs who sank their teeth into the shells and extracted their bodies. When the empty shells landed upon the ocean bottom, they were buried in sediment and fossilized. This process preserved the shell and created a new organic gemstone with enhanced iridescent colors.)
Here are some interesting necklaces that you might enjoy seeing. The first image is of the front, the second of the back of the same piece. This design includes prehistoric petrified dinosaur dung or Coperalite solidified forever in stone. Truly a unique one-of-a-kind piece that will have your friends talking.:

When it comes to special one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, you can’t go wrong at Maui Repair & Design Studio. Be sure to drop in to our store when you are on Maui so that you can see our many fine custom made works of art.