Topaz Repair & Design Studio is a family jewelry store with an “Ohana” atmosphere.

We like to create a family atmosphere for our Topaz Friends & Family!

“The downsize was the best thing David and I ever did we now have the 3 days to work on house and garden, yeah, but I do have to say, 650 sq. ft. is a lot smaller than the past stores, I think it took me 60 days to stop running into the walls, and turning left instead of turning right, very frustrating at first, but doable, we lost Baby Boy about 3 years ago, everyone, loved that lab, he was such a sweetheart, Hoku is doing well 14 years, and still going, slower and less barking. Heather Married and finally her and Chad are doing better my Grandson is a man boy 9 years soon, very handsome, beautiful family. Ashley and Annalynn married in January are doing great, they now have a fixer up house, and loving it, Koa there dog absolutely thinks it’s the Cats meow.” -Nancy