Hawaiian Ear Pins are unique… Topaz Repair & Design Studio has a great selection.

You will really enjoy these beautiful Hawaiian Ear Pins available at Maui Repair & Design Studio. We have a number of unique designs created by our own staff as well as a number of quality pieces created by some of our top quality suppliers. (See also the Paradise Collection for ear pins based upon Hawaiian flowers). Any of the ear pins can be custom designed for those of you who prefer non-pierced ear pins.

If you would like a unique ear pin designed especially to match a very had to match necklace, feel free to email Nancy anytime (see button below). She will sketch and scan a design for your ear pins and send it to you for approval.

David and Nancy did not create this line of Hawaiian Ear Pins, but they have been coining these Maui Ear Pins for 21 years. They started with less than 10 ear pins, and now have have over 100 pairs.

When it comes to ear pins, the Maui Topaz Gallery has so many fine custom made works of art. You’ll want to come in and take a look at all of David’s exquisite creations.


Here are some new pearl ear pins that we’ve just added to our collection. If you like pearls, this might be just the right finishing touch for your other daily jewelry. See more of our pearl designs below.


Because of space limitations, we have only included two examples of a limited number of designs available. For colors, you can have blue topaz, amethyst, green onyx (a substitute for emeralds), blue sapphires, pink tourmalines, rubies, synthetic rubies (which is less money), synthetic sapphires (also less money), synthetic diamonds (which of course are less money), or real diamonds (be sure to call for pricing), garnets, citrines, every birthstone color, pearls, and opals.

You will want to call for pricing on these beautiful Hawaiian ear pins. Here are a few of the designs available: